Wednesday through Sunday – 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm
closed Monday & Tuesday

Email: info@cafegulistan.com

A taste of the MidEast, fine Kurdish cuisine, Turkish & Lebanese wines, an atmosphere that feels like home, with an air of the exotic.

This is Café Gulistan, located in Harbor Country, southwest Michigan.  Join us for a memorable meal and stimulating company.

In the Kurdish language, Gulistan means the Land of Roses.  It is also a name for Kurdistan, the homeland envisioned for centuries by the Kurdish people.

Café Gulistan was established in 1994 by Ibrahim Parlak, a Kurd from Turkey.

The rug in upper right corner was hand-woven by Ibrahim's grandmother and is over 100 years old.

Café Gulistan features a full bar and a unique wine list.  It is the only restaurant serving beer and wine from the Mideast, as well as the only establishment carrying Turkish wines in Michigan.

Kurdish women's and men's traditional dress and a map of Kurdistan.

Outdoor dining is a pleasure on a summer afternoon or evening, bringing you closer to the garden.